The Symposium will be held March 21-23 2022.

   Brothers and Sisters, we are eagerly anticipating the 2022 NCTOA SWAT Symposium scheduled for March 21-23, 2022.  We have had a Venue change due to circumstances beyond our control, but we are still having the Symposium in DoubleTree Raleigh Durham Airport, 4810 Page Creek Ln. Durham, NC 27703.

 Please register for your room through this


The telephone number is (919) 941-6000.

The check-in will be on March 20, 2022 and check-out on March 23, 2022.
Please register with Durham Technical Community College using this


This is the list of Classes and Speakers for the SWAT Symposium: 

Itinerary for the 2022SWAT Symposium: 

21Mar2022 0800 – Opening Remarks/Posting of Colors/Invocation
0900 – Business Meeting
1000 – Vendor Forum
1300 – Keynote Speaker: LT Brian Murphy, Sikh Temple Active Shooter Wisconsin
1600 – Special Guest Speaker: Pat McNamara: Combat Fitness/Motivation
1830 – Hospitality Room and Social featuring Live Cigar Rolling:Amendola Family Cigars 

22Mar2022 0800 – Breakout Sessions –

Topics: Norse Tactical CQB/Vehicle Takedown Force on Force, 8 hours (Durham Police Range/Old FOP Lodge),
N&F Training Vehicle Assault and Ambush, Live Fire, 8 hours(Person County SO Range),
Tactical Handgun CAPT Yousef Sansour, Guilford County SO, Live Fire, 8 hours (Durham Police Range),
Sniper Enhancement Training Durham Police Snipers, Live Fire, 8 hours (Durham County SO Range), Bill Loucks,
NCJA Fentanyl Awareness for SWAT 8 hours (DoubleTree Suites),
NTOA Managing Critical Incidents, 8 hours (DoubleTree Suites) , Tactical medic/self and buddy aid, 4 hours, Duane Kinter, Guilford EMS

For the live fire exercises you will need the following ammo and equipment:
Tactical Handgun 400 rounds.
Vehicle assault/ambush 100 rifle, 150 handgun,
Sniper enhancement 100 rounds.

Also for all of theses classes you need Full kit, eye and ear pro, And sniper kit should be whatever you deploy with.

1830 – Callout Dinner featuring the High Point/Greensboro PD SWAT Critical Incident Debrief.  We will also award the Inaugural NC Tactical Officers Association Valor Award and Door Prizes during this dinner.  The Hospitality room will be open after the Callout Dinner.


0800 – Breakout Session – Topics: Same as 22Mar2022

If you are off-site for the training on the 23rd, please have someone from your Agency pick up your Certificate from Durham Technical Community College at the NCTOA Display table after 1400 on the 23rd.  If unable to that make sure we have a good address to mail your certificate.

Please Contact RexHatch, Secretary of the NCTOA to register for your classes you want to take (3Choices) and please include your T-Shirt sizes for your Symposium Shirts. Rex’s email is:  Classes are 8 hours, 4hours or 2 hours so you can sign up for up to 4 different classes.  There are no 2 day classes, each day the classes are delivered again.  We are also working on getting a Less Lethal TtT class but that has not been solidified yet.  CAPT. Sansour’s class is yet to be confirmed but we should have that this week.

Reserve your spot today.