The Symposium will be held June 30, 2021 - July 2, 2021.

   The NCTOA is proud to announce that the 2021 NCTOA swat symposium has been scheduled for , June 30, 2021 -July 2, 2021. This event will once again be held at the Durham Hilton 3800 Hillsborough Rd., Durham NC 27705. To reserve your rooms you can go to or call   1-800-HILTONS (445-8667) with group code NCTOAS. For registration you will need to click the link below to signup and also complete the college registration at the following link college registration .

Once you register or if you have already registered please email Rex Hatch at and provide him with your shirt size. Also please be sure to let Rex know what your top 3 picks for classes are so he can get you in the correct class.

Classes and courses offered this year.

BLM Dallas PD Shooting, SR. CPL. Jeremy “JB” Borchardt, Dallas SWAT(Keynote)
Sr. Corporal Jeremy “JB” Borchardt will be debriefing the 2016 incident in Dallas, Texas where five officers were killed during a Black Lives Matter protest. These officers were ambushed and during the attack, nine others were injured.  Once the attack was over, the perpetrator fled inside a school campus building where a standoff between the perpetrator and law enforcement begin. This standoff was ended with the use of a bomb disposal robot and explosives marking the first time that law enforcement had used explosives to
eliminate a suspect.  

Call-Out Dinner, Raul Rivas, Orlando PD SWAT Team Leader, Pulse Night club
This will be a debrief of the 2016 attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida.  A local man claiming allegiance to the Head of the Islamic State, killed and injured more than 100 people before a multi hour standoff with law enforcement. Rivas will discuss the complications faced during the initial response and tactics used to take the subject into custody.

 Critical Mindset for Counter Ambush (2 – 1 day classes) Round Count: 200 Pistol 100 Rifle

Students are placed in real world scenarios aswe induce chaos, and stress, of being caught in an Ambush incident.Students will go through numerous evolutions of ambush from vehicle, the vehicle bail out under ambush, and using their vehicle as cover and concealment. Students are built up from the ground level, and through training they will learn and gain confidence of engaging, reloading, and weapon malfunctions during an ambush situation.  Students will go through evolutions of ambushes on traffic stops, during foot pursuits, sitting in a restaurant and several more. Students will conclude training with the"bounding drill" to a downed officer under an ambush. Students will be introduced into scenarios with multiple real-world distractions. This course will prepare students for when the unthinkable happens and they have to survive the unknown.

Gear and Material requirement for this class per student.

Working,     functional handgun, with minimum three magazines. Working,     functional rifle, with minimum three magazines. Long     tactical pants, long sleeve shirt, boots or tactical shoes, eyes and ear     protection (Old clothes recommended). Duty     holster, belt, and equipment you would wear at work or missions. Light     body armor, or outer carrier used for work, and ballistic helmet if they     have one. A     total of 200 rounds of handgun and 100 rounds of rifle ammunition. A     good attitude and open mind to learning some new things

.Stronghold Hostage Rescue, Planning Considerations, SR. CPL. Jeremy“JB” Borchardt, Dallas SWAT     (2 – 1day classes)

Hostage Rescue Operations are the mos tin-Depth and comprehensive test of a SWAT team’s abilities.  Proper planning and setup is required to provide the best chance for a successful conclusion.  This class  will provide instruction for the overall planning of a stronghold hostage rescue. Real operational debriefs and tabletop planning exercises will be used to enhance learning.  (2/eight hour classes).  Notebook, Pen/Pencil required,Laptop or Tablet optional.

Tactical Room Clearing Norse Tactical (2 - 1 day classes)

Norse Tactical Walter Martin, Force on Force Tactical Room clearing Durham Police Range Old FOP Lodge building.  Students should bring any Simuntion /FoF Equipment they have available.  Equipment is available for Students not having any equipment with their Agency.

Tactical Medic (2 - 4 hour blocks – Thursday Only)

With tactical medicine at the forefront of modern day Teams, this class focuses on the need to understand the effects of stress as it relates to operating “Right of Bang”. Dave Cuddeback will discuss effects on the body, mental preparation, and how to stay in the fight when the fighting is done lifesaving begins.    

    Liberty Dynamic, NFDD Train the Trainer, Sam Todd (2 – 1 day classes)

This instructor-level training course provides the student detailed information involved in the use of all types and forms of Diversionary or Distraction Devices. The 8-hour course covers all aspects involved in the selection, preparation, deployment, storage, and legal ramifications regarding the use of all Distraction Devices. The student will acquire specific information in distraction device products and be prepared with the skills to return to their agency and provide in-service training.   This class focuses on the planning and tactical deployment of Distraction Devices. It is separated into two sections,with a half-day of lecture-based studies, followed by a half day of deployment testing and evaluation in the field. Unlike many classes on this topic, the information provided is direct from the manufacturer of the products used. This information includes nomenclature of modern distraction/diversionary devices,decibel ratings, tactical considerations, psychological/physiological effects,handling/storage/render safe procedures and criminal and civil liabilities,policies and procedures with a focus on preparing the student to return to their agency and provide in-service training and documentation. Throughout the class, students will participate in discussions with instructors who are nationally recognized for their experience in real world deployments of distraction devices 

The Tactical Mindset, AA Boone, Tuesday (4 Hour blocks – 2 per day)

Tactical Mindset is an intense course that will challenge the officers. This course is designed for the patrolman,detective, school resource officer and SWAT Operator. Officers will be challenged through lecture, discussions, and video footage of fellow officers that has been involved in a shooting. This will be classroom and class participation will be requested.   This course will explore the officers mentally and physically. Tactical mindset will assist the officers in preparation for that deadly encounter. It is also designed to open the mindset to understanding the obstacles that will be encountered after the shooting.This course will provide ideas and things that need to be in place and already shared to love ones in the officer’s life when this day comes.  This course will also assist the officers in preparing for supporting their fellow officer and family after a deadly encounter or just a use of deadly force encounter.  The course will allow officers to face reality and challenge themselves as for getting ready mentally and physically.  It will get deep into the psychological and physiological aspects of a shooting.  At the end of this block of instruction every student will take something back home and also leave with a stronger commitment to be more dedicated, motivated, obligated and determine to be ready for the fight when it shows up.

 Tactical Incident Command, Robert “Banzai” McLaughlin, Tuesday (4 Hour blocks – 2 per day)

This class will help the SWAT Team Leaders and Commanders integrate into the National Incident Management SystemICS and coordinate with other Agencies and Disciplines Tactical Response,especially in Active Threat and Terrorist Incidents.  We will look at International and National Terrorist Incident History and incorporate that into a Lessons Learned.  Then we will participate in a Tabletop Exercise incorporating that knowledge into developing a real time Incident Action Plan.  Attendees will also participate in a Hot Wash and develop an After Action Report and Improvement Plan.

Sniper Training, Rich McCall, Girardeau PD, Missouri (2 – 1 day classes)

Sniper Refresher Training for Sniper/Spotter Elements.  Shooting from elevated platform as well as typical urban distances.  Durham Police Range, Students should bringall equipment utilized on their Agency’s Sniper/Spotter Deployment plan.  Minimum Soft Body Armor, “Boonie” hat orBilled Hat (Required), Department issued/approved rifle and 250 rounds of Ammunition.    

This four-hour course covers marijuana grows, but anehoney oil (BHO) extraction, fentanyl/pill press operations, and methamphetaminelabs.SWAT operators assume the highest risk of law enforcement operations. Therefore, the SWAT operator needs to know what each lab presents as an explosive or environmental hazard before hitting the door to increase their level of safety.

The class will cover the following:·        
Visual recognition of lab components·        
Understanding hazards for each type of lab(increased CO2, oxygen-deficient locations, explosive environments)·      
  Interviewing the SW affiant·        
Which PPE is best for each lab ·       
 Execution timing (when NOT to hit the door)·        

Day1, June 29, 2021·       

 1500 – Until, Vendor Check In 

Day2, June 30,2021

0700 – 0800, Registration/Check In with Durham Technical Community College and NCTOA·        
0800 Posting of Colors (Durham Police Honor Guard), Invocation (CAPT. Phil Wiggins, DPD Ret.) and Welcome (Durham County Sheriff and Durham Police Chief)·        
0830 – 0930 NCTOA Business Meeting(Include introducing the Vendors)·        
1000 – 1200 Vendor time·        
1200 – 1300 Lunch (On your own)
Vendor Time·       
 1300 – 1700 CPL. Jeremy Borchardt, Dallas SWAT.  BLM Ambush July 7, 2016 Debrief(Keynote)·        
1700 Supper (On your own)·        
1900 – Until Hospitality Room featuring Amendola Cigars rolling

Day3/4 July 1, 2, 2021·        

0800 Breakout Sessions·       
 SR. CPL. Jeremy Borchardt, Stronghold Hostage Rescue, Planning Considerations (2 One Day Classes)·        
Sheriff Mike Neal/Raoul Rivas, Vehicle Gunfighting, shooting out of and into vehicles (2 One Day classes Person Co Sheriff’s Office Range)·        
Sniper Instructor, Sniper Refresher (2 OneDay classes Durham Police Range)·        
Norse Tactical Walter Martin, Rifle/Pistol Tactics and Building Clearing (2 One day classes, DPD Range Old FOP Lodge for FoF with Sims)·        
Tactical Mindset AA Boone (4 Four Hour Classes at the Durham Hilton)·       
 Tactical Medic Class Dave Cuddeback (2Four Hour Classes at the Durham Hilton, Thursday ONLY)·      
  Tactical ICS Banzai McLaughlin (4 Four Hour Classes at the Durham Hilton)·        Liberty Dynamic, NFDD Train the Trainer,Sam Todd (2 – 1 day classes)·       
 Clan Lab Awareness, Bill Loucks, NC Justice Academy (4 Four Hour Classes at the Durham Hilton)

Day3, July 1, 2021 ·       

 1830 Callout Dinner with Raoul Rivas Debriefing on the Orlando Pulse NightClub Terrorist Attack  

Stay in the Fight,
Robert McLaughlin
President NC Tactical Officers Association

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