Robert "Banzai" McLaughlin
President - Person County Sheriff's Office

Robert "Banzai" McLaughlin
Retired Durham Police LT/ Asst. Commander of the Training Division
Original member of the DPD Bio/Chem ERT (Counter-Terrorism Unit)
Retired Emergency Management Coordinator, NC Central University
Current Reserve Deputy Person SO 19 years, spent 10 Years on the PCSO SRT
Active Firearms, SCAT, Rapid Deployment (ALERRT), NIMS/ICS, TCCC Instructor.
NCJA Adjunct Instructor for HazMat/Explosive TtT.
Former NCTOA Secretary and Vice President.
Member NTOA

Blair "Rock" Rockwell
Vice President - FT Bragg’s Special Reaction Team

Blair “Rock” Rockwell
Currently the Commander of the FT Bragg’s Special Reaction Team with over 30+ years’ experience in the field of LE Tactical operations, both US Army and Fayetteville PD, as well as abroad as a contractor. In those thirty years I have had the outstanding pleasure to operator and instruct in variety of assignments which encompass the Tactical Team’s makeup.
Along this awesome journey I have seen and experience a lot as an Operator, included earning the Kevlar's Survivor award. Also, as Generation I Operator I have witnessed the evolving equipment and tactics, and I strongly believe we as professional Operators must learn and adapt to the change and always keep the “Tool Box” wide open. My philosophy is the Tactical Operator should always strive to lead the LE community by way of physically fitness, marksmanship and the skillset. We shall never lose the passion, and always promote and foster the camaraderie by way of exchanging of ideas, tactics, training, support and fellowship.
“Into Darkness a Warrior Shines”

Rex Hatch
Secretary - Wayne County Sheriff's Office

Rex Hatch is a Lieutenant with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. Rex has been sworn with Wayne County Since 1997 and is currently the training Lieutenant for the Sheriff’s Office. Rex has held the following positions; School Resource Office, Patrol Division, Supervisor in Patrol Division (Sergeant over the Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Team and Patrol Shift Lieutenant), and has been assigned to the Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team for the past 9 years. Duties assigned while on SWAT have been entry team member, sniper, team leader, and training coordinator.

Robert "Doc" Roach
Treasurer - Pitt County Sheriff's Office

Loving husband to a wonderful, understanding wife and father to two beautiful God given daughters
Started my career in law enforcement in 2000 at Greene County Sheriff's office. In 2002 left Greene County Sheriff's office and went to work for the Farmville Police Dept. and was a FTO and patrol officer until recruited by the Pitt County Sheriff's office in 2010 to work on the community impact division. Joined the Pitt County Sheriff's office Special Response Team when the team was re-started in early 2015. Since on the team, I have been assigned as a combat medic on the entry team and am presently assigned to the entry team and as a sniper since 2017. I am currently a Master Deputy assigned as an SRO at one of the largest high schools in the county.

Alvin "AA" Boone
Training Coordinator - Ret. Raleigh PD

I am A. A. Boone, founder and president of Specialized Realistic Training, Inc. . I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy. I am a retired Police Officer with the Raleigh Police Department. I served 17 ½ years as a full-time S.W.A.T. Operator. I am a true S.W.A.T. Master Operator that serves with a passion and love my SWAT brothers. After leaving the unit I served 6 years as a Tactical Trainer at the Police training center and continued to conduct training for the S.W.A.T. unit at the Raleigh Police Department during those 6 years until I retired.
I have over15 years as an Adjunct instructor for the North Carolina Justice Academy, former President of the North Carolina Tactical Officers Association and the former Director of the Southeastern S.W.A.T. Association for North Carolina. I am still active with the NCTOA in the training division as one of the training coordinators.
As a former S.W.A.T. Operator, I take all training serious and believe in training with a passion. The company S.R.T., INC. conducts courses for law enforcement agencies throughout North Carolina, agencies from South Carolina and Georgia. There are numerous courses conducted through over 20 universities and community colleges across the state of North Carolina.
All the training offered from S.R.T. INC. is realistic training and designed to train the operator how to fight, stay in the fight and win the fight. This training is intense and demanding. It is structured to build the officers confidence, determination, motivation, safety and discipline on tactics and survival instincts. Training is also designed to train each and every operator on never giving up and quitting is not an option.

Jason Bennett
Social Media/Website Manager - Alamance County Sheriff's Office

Jason started his law enforcement career at North Carolina Central University police department in 2007 where he worked on patrol, bike patrol, and the street crimes unit (S.T.R.I.K.E) team. Jason was also one of the first members of the tactical patrol officer unit at NCCU. Jason remained at NCCU for 10 years before moving on to the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office. Jason served on patrol and is now currently assigned to the School Resource Officer division and is the SRO at Western Alamance Middle School. Jason has a passion for law enforcement and the NCTOA. Jason has multiple certifications and is a general instructor. Jason hopes to make it on the S.R.T. team for Alamance County in the future.