Due to the confinement of Citizens to their homes for their safety in response to COVID-19,and just like in Winter months Domestic Violence Calls for Service rise due to close proximity with Family.  The NCTOA Board of Directors would like to offer some PPE suggestions for your safety and the safety of the Public:
-    CBRNE cartridges on your APR Mask is sufficient to stop viruses.   The key is how long has it been out of the package,  is it beyond    it's open air exposure life?  Typically it is 8 hours.  Oxygen levels must be at least 19.5% or an SCBA or SAR is required.  
-    N95 Masks Operators have been fit tested to are sufficient but not very robust in a Tactical environment.  -    Tyvex suits worn under BDU's for silencing purposes will protect the Operator but the proper Decontamination procedures must be followed for the doffing of equipment.  
-    Tactical HazMat Suits such as the  Blauer Multi-Threat Suit(Not recommending but using as an example, there are other Tactical HazMat Suits out there) are more suitable for SWAT response.(They are costly and I'm sure in short supply during this time)
-    Weapons can be decontaminated with Clorox type wipes but must be re-lubed for function.
 -    Facial hair must be shaved to ensure proper fit for all masks.
-    SCBA's are obviously sufficient for Airway protection but you are limited on stealthy activity and ballistic protection for the compressed air tank.
-    Whatever Airway protection your Agency chooses for you, as an OSHA reminder, you must be Fit-Tested for the Mask and this must be done Annually.  If your Agency does not have Fit-Testing Equipment, check with your local Fire Department and see where they go for Fit-Testing.  Fire Departments without the equipment usually contract with a third party Vendor for those services.
-    Remember to work closely with your Fire Department for Air Monitoring Equipment to ensure there are no other threats within a structure.

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