2022 NCTOA 30th Anniversary Special Response Teams Training Seminar (SWAT Competition) 9 Weeks Out!!!

Brothers and Sisters, 30th Anniversary “Special Response Teams Training Seminar”(This is what the SWAT Competition was called in 1992) is 9 Weeks Away!!!  This will be held October 11ththrough 13th, 2022 with the Team Leader Briefing October 10th, 2022 at 1700hours followed by a SWAT Debrief at 1800 and the NCTOA SWAT Comp Social with Mission Barbecue and Cigar Rolling by Jeff Amendola, Amendola Family Cigars at 1900.

Don’t forget about the Inaugural NCTOA Sniper Challenge that we have added to The 30th Anniversary SRT Training Seminar.  This will be for Sniper/Spotter Teams and we are limiting it to 12 Teams (24 Sniper/Spotters)and those Teams that registered and paid for the Samarcand Sniper Challenge are automatically registered with the NCTOA but will still need to register with Sampson Community College, NCJA (ACADIS) and notify Rex Hatch that they are still attending. This will be a 2 Person Event that will not affect overall scores for the SWAT Competition/Challenge score. There is also the FIRST Ever Toughest Operator Challenge with Best of the Best going head to head in a grueling PT Challenge that will reward the Winner with The Toughest Operator Trophy!   This will be an individual event that will not affect the overall SWAT Competition/Challenge Score.

We are also very fortunate to have Dutch Chris Moyer as an Special Guest Instructor/Speaker joining the SWAT Competition/Challenge and numerous Vendors and Door Prizes!!!Remember that this the 30thAnniversary SWAT Challenge/Competition so we have Special Shirt, Coins and Prizes for this year!!!

Please register with Sampson Community College at:   https://forms.office.com/r/yrtLMaNRhD                   , NCTOA Secretary Rex Hatch at : Rex.hatch@waynegov.com and on ACADIS: ENVISAGE Acadis® (acadisonline.com) with the NC Justice Academy. We are limiting the number of Teams competing in the SRT Training Seminar to 14 Teams (6 to 10 Operators.  Except for the Team Carry, all Events should not require more than 5 Operators to participate, Team Carry is 6).  Again the number of Sniper/Spotter Teams is limited to 12 Teams (24 Sniper/Spotters) and it is a completely separate competition from the SRT Training Seminar. Please include your T-Shirt sizes for your 30th Anniversary SRT Training Seminar and Sniper Challenge Shirts(If participating in both). Cost for the 30th Anniversary SRT Training Seminar is $20.00per Operator and the Sniper Challenge is $40.00 per Sniper, $80.00 per Sniper/Spotter Team.  We are going to have a cutoff date of September 1, 2022by COB to register for both Events.   All of this will be on our Website as well:NCSWAT.org  Stay in the Fight, Banzai Robert McLaughlin President NC Tactical Officers Association    


Mission Statement

The Mission of the North Carolina Tactical Officers Association is to increase the overall performance, moral and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing credible, proven, intense, realistic tactical training. The ultimate goals of the North Carolina Tactical Officers Association are:

Encourage a high level of professional competence among members, departments and agencies.

Encourage the record keeping of information and data of value in the field of Police tactics.

Encourage, motivate, exchange of ideas and information within the field of tactics.

Foster friendship and cooperation among the personnel from tactical team members, departments, and agencies.

Lend assistance and support in the formation of training programs.

Lend assistance and support in the development of new tactical teams.

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