September 10, 2020

I hope this letter finds you and your Families well.  In this crazy time we are all trying to navigate this “New Normal” and unfortunately our Annual SWAT Competition has become the latest victim.  The NC Justice Academy has decided to cancel the SWAT Competition due to COVID-19 and the threat of spread among Swat Operators from across the State.  The NC Tactical Officers Association Board is in agreement with the Justice Academy's decision and will be concentrating on the 2021 SWAT Symposium and 2021 SWAT Competition. In lieu of the Competition canceling, the Board of Directors is also concentrating on upcoming-training that the NCTOA is sponsoring. The following classes are being sponsored by the NCTOA: NCBRT course: Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts on October 14 from 0800-1200 hours.  All participants ofthe P&D-C training will receive the following materials to use during the course: Magnifying glass Handheld Ultraviolet light with batteries 2 ID Guides (International Edition and US & Canada     Edition) Here is the complete course description:Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts has a lot of information on fraudulent identification that will be useful not only for counter-terrorism,but for patrol and investigation work as well.  This course focuses on there cognition, prevention, and deterrence of terrorist activity and criminal high-consequence incidents for law enforcement and other public safety professionals (such as investigators, parole or probation officers, public health investigators, EMS, fire service, and others in public safety-related positions).  Information is essential to successfully deterring,preventing, and responding to terrorist acts. Gathering, sharing,investigating, and analyzing information leads to the development of intelligence. Intelligence can prevent and deter terrorist activity, but it must reach law enforcement at all levels of government as well as safety professionals in public and private sectors.  Participants will receive a Department of Homeland Security Certificate. (See the NCTOA Website for registration information NCSWAT.org)      Tactical Explosive Breacher Certification
Basic and Intermediate – FT. Bragg
October 26, 2020- October 31, 2020.

This course will be hosted jointly by Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office SRT
as well as Fort Bragg, NC SRT (Visit NCSWAT.org for more information)

Cost will be $1,525.00 per person
For further information or to register, please visit www.GATGUSA.com
or call 702-838-3002  Basic SWAT Operator:  November 30 – December4, 2020.  Durham Technical Community College-Northern Durham Center 2401 Snowhill Rd. Durham, NC 27712.  Contact will be Justin Long, LE Continuing Education Coordinator; longj@durhamtech.edu.  (Lodging information TBD)  Basic SWAT Operator:  January 4 – 8,2021.  NCDPS Samarcand Training Academy,3600 Samarcand Rd. Jackson Springs, NC 27281. Contact will be Denise Cameron, Sandhills Community College, LEContinuing Education training Coordinator; camerond@sandhills.edu. Lodging is on Campus. The Board of Directorswill also be sending out a Survey to the Membership in regards to electionsthat were scheduled to be held at the Awards Ceremony for the SWAT Competition.  The Survey will ask: Do you want the current Board to continue for 2 more years in order to maintain ourterm schedule or do you want us to hold a virtual election?  This will be sent out as soon as we get it arranged.  Please be looking for it in your email.

Stay in the Fight,
Robert McLaughlin
President NC Tactical Officers Association


Mission Statement

The Mission of the North Carolina Tactical Officers Association is to increase the overall performance, moral and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing credible, proven, intense, realistic tactical training. The ultimate goals of the North Carolina Tactical Officers Association are:

Encourage a high level of professional competence among members, departments and agencies.

Encourage the record keeping of information and data of value in the field of Police tactics.

Encourage, motivate, exchange of ideas and information within the field of tactics.

Foster friendship and cooperation among the personnel from tactical team members, departments, and agencies.

Lend assistance and support in the formation of training programs.

Lend assistance and support in the development of new tactical teams.

Membership Benefits


NCTOA membership provides access to exclusive safety and training courses designed to strengthen you and your tactical team.


With over 800 active members, NCTOA provides an opportunity to connect and network with tactical officers from all over North Carolina.


Joining NCTOA will allow you access to restricted training locations.