Our Partnerships

The partnerships that the NCTOA has made over the past 6 years have enabled it to grow from group  small group of like-minded officers into an organization dedicated to offering training across the State of North Carolina.These partnerships with businesses, training companies, equipment vendors, and other associations, has continued to grow and exceed our expectations.  We want to recognize and thanks

Laura Fogarty Tactical Photography

Several times a year the association brings Laura in to take pictures during regional training, the SWAT Competition and the Symposium.  She is well regarded in the community and travels the country taking pictures at multiple events.
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National Tactical Officers Association

The NTOA is a huge supporter of the State tactical associations.  They provide some of the best training for law enforcement and serve as an advocate for the tactical community.  They have been providing the NCTOA with instructors for the annual conference since it’s inception.
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If you or your company is interested in sponsoring or showcasing your products and services through the NCTOA or an upcoming event, Contact us.