May 1-3 2022

The first annual NCTOA/NCDPS Samarcand sniper challenge will be held at the SAMARCAND training facility.

There is no charge for this event. Also keep in mind that the food and lodging at SAMARCAND are free of charge.

Check in will be on the 8th followed by dinner and a social event that night.

North Carolina Tactical Officer’s Police Sniper Team Challenge The purpose of the Challenge

Police Snipers have special abilities, training, and equipment within their Department. This requires learning, exchanging ideas and repetitiously practicing of these skills. It's the Police Sniper's responsibility to deliver discriminatory, highly accurate rifle fire to neutralize a threat and bring normalization to their community.To enhance these abilities, their proficiency and safety of the professional Police Sniper, it’s done through education, support and information sharing.  To that end, North Carolina Tactical Officer’s Association feel it is our responsibility to ensure that we provide that training, as well as testing the skills of the individual responsible as arole of a Police Sniper and also working as a Team of the Police Sniper and Observer The challenge incorporates a wide variety of scenarios and exercises designed to test their abilities, working as a team and at the same time enhancing their skillset.

Topics covered:

Review of safety procedures and range rules Review of weapon systems and gear Cold bore/cold shooter Range estimation Stress fire exercise Low light shooting Introduction to night vision  Target discrimination  Calculation and application of shooting solutions Angle shooting exercise Movement exercises Sniper and observer communication Positional shooting.

Required equipment each shooter will need:

Sniper rifle with ranging reticle scope, sling and 150 rounds rifle ammo Handgun with two magazines and 50 rounds handgun ammo Full kit/tactical gear for deploying as Sniper/Observer Team Concealable soft body armor or plate carrier Duty or tactical belt with pouches for riflemags, pistol mags and handcuffs Duty uniforms Handcuffs and key Small calculator Data book or paper and pens Small tape measure Eye and ear protection

Recommended equipment for each shooter:
Ballistic computer Rifle pack or backpack Gloves Flashlight and/or Headlamp Hydration system

 Required team equipment:

Range Finder Ranging spotting scope 

Recommended team equipment:

Kestrel or similar device Shooting sticks Tripod Rifle rests/ supports Night vision equipment

 Al lweapons must be duty issued or department approved (no tricked out or competition specific weapons will be permitted) 

Event Names:
Cold Shot
Boxed In
Know your limits
Alternate Universe
Luck of the Draw
You are In
Range Director’s Cup Night fire (Stand alone event)

Reporting Instructions
We are limiting this event to 12 teams so 24 operators total. First come first serve.

Signup Details
Registration: First come – First Serve you will need to register with sandhills community college at :
as well as with the NCTOA Board Secretary Lt. Rex Hatch at

Reserve your spot today.