2016 SWAT Competition

The NCTOA has set the dates for the 2016 annual SWAT Competition and Training Event for September 27th – 29th.  The event will be held at Camp Butner this year.  More details to follow.

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 Tactical Team Training

The NCTOA offers the ability for agencies to have instructors come to their location to offer specific tactical training at no cost to the agency.  Instructors are experienced tactical officers with years of teaching experience.


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SWAT Regional Events




The NCTOA is currently planning several regional training events for 2016.  If you are interested in hosting a regional event in your jurisdiction, please contact us.

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The NCTOA conducted a Basic Tactical Operations Course through Wake Technical Community College on October 2015.  We plan to offer a second course in May of 2016. This is a 5 day/45 hour course run through Wake Technical Community College.  It includeds firearms, force on force, scenario and practical instruction.  Different experienced instructors are used to teach each block of instruction.  The goal of the course is to give students a set of skills to build a foundation of tactics on and return to their team for further development.  



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