We have been very busy here at the association.  The symposium was a huge success in November last year.  We had 200 members attend, and offered or first practical day that included 12 practical tracks held at various locations.  Some of the pictures are still up on the symposium page.

We survived the holiday and moved right into planning the SWAT competition.  This year, due to suggestions from our members, we changed the format and wanted to add more events that were applicable to training.  We hope this year the format will become the standard foe future competitions.  If you are thinking about ever attending a competition, this is the year to do it.  You only need a minimum of 6 members and the cost is only $25 per member for active members of the association.

We have also moved to a different type of regional training.  We held a 1 day regional CQB course at Oak Grove Technologies training site in Hoffman, NC.  We limited it to 2 members per agency and had 20+ operators present for a day of shooting and tactics.  Pictures are up on the Facebook page. We plan to offer more of these 1 day training events in the future to assist with our members schedules.  We have another SWAT Fit to Fight class planned as well as another 1 day CQB course. The fill up fast so make sure your membership is up to date and come join us.

We have a large presence on social media, mainly Facebook, with over 800 members now.  That rose from just 200 we had back in the fall.  Our website is in a constant state of revision in order to keep the membership posted on new developments.

Now is the time to renew your dues.  We use this to plan out training throughout the year and plan the competition and the symposium. We are easy to contact and hope to hear from you if you have questions.The association can only continue to thrive with the support and participation of our membership.