Just to clear up the water the following information is the latest information in reference to the SWAT Competition and SYMPOSIUM.  The 2018 Swat competition will still be held at the North Carolina Justice Academy November 5-7 2018.  The symposium has been cancelled until further notice.  The swat competition will not be ran by the NCTOA this year but rather by the North Carolina Justice Academy.  The NCTOA fully supports the NCJA in their decision to continue with the competition.  In a show of support, the NCTOA will be sponsoring the “Team Carry Event”. We had thought about donating $1000 to storm affected Teams in support of those competing and those left on the sidelines due to pressing matters that prevent their participation, however, this can be very tricky and our ultimate goal is to ensure that any monetary or equipment donations reach its proper destination. Instead, the NCTOA will offer free memberships and a commemorative challenge coin to all officers that apply for memberships throughout the month of November. This applies to new and existing members for all of 2019. More information will come out in the next couple weeks to explain this further. In the meantime, I encourage you to consider competing and visit the following website to register: https://ncja.ncdoj.gov/SWATC.aspx